Last Day of Prac// Teacher Appreciation Day <3

26 Oct

Yesterday was the last day of the best professional experience I’ve ever done! My mentor and I created such a tight bond in three weeks, I hope one day we will teach along side each other. My students were fantastic, I hope my class will one day be as well behaved and clever as my PE class. I’ve learnt so much from my mentor and my mentor was inspired by my use of the IWB. She has promised to use it a lot more in the classroom.

What a coincidence the last day of PE landed on ‘Teacher appreciation day’. I’ve attached a cute little video for all us teacher to watch and have a little laugh!



Professional Experience is tomorrow!!

7 Oct

The holidays are over and reality is back! Prac is tomorrow and I don’t know what to feel, I am excited but nervous! I teach my first lesson tomorrow on fractions (something I am not confident in). I made an amazing flipchart thanks to Promethan Planet for ideas and tips. If anyone needs help or would like to use my flipchart, let me know and I would love to flick you an email with the flipchart attached! Year 3 is the oldest grade I have taught which is daunting, but I love a challenge so bring it on 🙂

Interactive Whiteboard Feature

18 Sep

ImageThis week we explored a plethora of resources available to us to be able to use the interactive whiteboard at its fullest. One thing we were made aware of was that there are numerous types of interactive whiteboards that use different types of software. My prac placement uses Promethean Planet which uses a software called Active inspire. Within this software we are given access to create our own ‘flipcharts’, which is just a fancied up PowerPoint. On the website, it also gives you access to numerous other flipcharts that people have created. Flipcharts have features that can’t be used in PowerPoints. Teagan gave a great feature example called ‘moving objects’, read her blog for more information.  The feature that I found that might be handy is the ‘interactive bar graph’. The interactive bar graph can be used in many different ways, ActiveTips gives a great explanation of how this graph can be used in a lesson about mode, mean and median. I believe this feature would be quiet beneficial for those visual learners. After listening to this short video, I decided to search for some other ways this graph can be used and found this flipchart created by Pat Verhoeven (who apparently has created some amazing flipcharts). I love technology, I can’t wait to start creating and searching flipcharts for my prac unit on ‘HEAT’.


9 Sep

Wow, information overload. I have just finished completing the Cybersafety professional development slides and learnt so much from reading and listening to professionals who know so much about what’s going on on the internet. Just like Mrs D, I have saved mine certificate to include in my e-Portfolio as this would stand out to whoever is interviewing you. After reading a few blog posts on the subject and completing the exercises, Tegan was so correct when she mentions  that the internet links to Postman’s 5 things we need to know about technology that for every advantage a new technology offers, there is always a corresponding disadvantage. The internet has so many benefits (I personally can’t live without it), but with those comes disadvantages and the big one that was discussed in connect.ed is Cyberbullying.

I am going to quickly recap and compress important information that stood out to me in these four modules.


Module 1: Connected world of students

– Children read more on the internet than actual printed texts

– Students we teach now never knew a world without internet

– Web2.0 is a powerful tool a a time when young people are working out who they are and what they want to be, that’s why teacher’s and parents need to assist them wisely.

– Nothing beats face to face communication

– Technology may at time impact on losing essential skills to communicate face to face


– Young people are dealing with images not real people, this makes young people create profile on what they want to be not necessarily who they really are.

‘in a connected world, how are you connecting to your students?’


Module 2: Online safety issues & how a teacher can help

– Grooming: someone pretending to be someone else who will later perform sexual actions

– Sexting: someone who is sending provocative images

– Cyberbulling: someone is bullying with the intent to hurt that person

– Cyberagression: a one off (think its funny) remark that may hurt that persons feelings

– Hacking: someone who uses your account and posts inappropriate comments

– Teachers need to influence students’ poositive behaviour by determining how to best deal with unsafe behaviour, from the connect.ed website they listed these strategies to teach students how to:

  • block senders in chat rooms and social networking sites
  • change their social networking profiles
  • keep passwords secret and mobile numbers private
  • not reply to nasty messages and/or block the sender if they are in a contact list
  • if the bullying persists, tell someone they trust
  • help them to list trusted people
  • keep any hostile messages sent by IM or SMS, print out any text, web content or emails and keep links to web pages or user names in IM
  • use website reporting tools to report cyberbullying
  • visit the Cybersmart Online Helpline for free and confidential online counselling or call Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800


Module 3: How the school plays apart in Cyberbullying

– It is important to know the school policies on Cybersafety

– Students need to understand (at their level) how technology should be used

– Cyberbullying happens outside of school when students have the time to be on the internet, it is the schools responsibility and duty of care to attend to these happenings.

– Parents play a role so they need to understand what is happening online

– When the whole school community, school leaders, teachers, students and parents are all integrated this can help create safe online behaviours.

– Some more Strategies can be found here.


Module 4: Useful resources

– The Cybersafety website has collated and created useful resources that can be used at any age level.

Click here to see the resources and lesson plans for your classroom.

Survey Monkey

9 Sep

Survey Monkey was another ICT website that I found whilst creating my unit plan. This website is a fun and quick way to create and fil out surveys. The great thing about it is it can be used at any age level because you are the one creating it! and its FREE! Go have a play around with it and maybe this could be used in your classroom whilst your on prac.

Splice App

9 Sep


Whilst writing up my unit plan I found this really easy working application that edits videos. This app can be used by teachers but would be a great way for student to use ICT in their learning, for eg. Student’s could film the process of how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, then they could edit it using ‘Splice’, adding music, texts and images to their video. This would definitely CHANGE their learning experience not just ENHANCE it.

Week 7

9 Sep

This weeks focus was looking at what was expected from us when we are student teachers on our prac and what is expected from us for assignment 3. I am quiet excited for both, Assignment 3 links nicely with our prac which makes it a lot easier. Assignment 3 has 3 parts, first is writing how you are going to implement ICT rich learning experiences, secondly 5 lesson plans that incorporate those ICT rich experiences and thirdly reflecting on how your ICT rich learning experience went and what could you do differently to make it better. I am aiming to do part 1 before my prac as this will give me a great platform to be able to create this ICT rich learning experiences. As easy as it may sound, if the current teacher is just using ICT to substitute what has always been done, I think it will be a challenge to think outside of that box. I am willing to take that challenge and even teacher my mentor a thing or two through my journey. One thing that I will keep in mind using ICTs in my learning and teaching is:

Enhancing: relative advantage

Changing: something not previously possible

I want to aim to CHANGE not just to ENHANCE.




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