Interactive Whiteboard Feature

18 Sep

ImageThis week we explored a plethora of resources available to us to be able to use the interactive whiteboard at its fullest. One thing we were made aware of was that there are numerous types of interactive whiteboards that use different types of software. My prac placement uses Promethean Planet which uses a software called Active inspire. Within this software we are given access to create our own ‘flipcharts’, which is just a fancied up PowerPoint. On the website, it also gives you access to numerous other flipcharts that people have created. Flipcharts have features that can’t be used in PowerPoints. Teagan gave a great feature example called ‘moving objects’, read her blog for more information.  The feature that I found that might be handy is the ‘interactive bar graph’. The interactive bar graph can be used in many different ways, ActiveTips gives a great explanation of how this graph can be used in a lesson about mode, mean and median. I believe this feature would be quiet beneficial for those visual learners. After listening to this short video, I decided to search for some other ways this graph can be used and found this flipchart created by Pat Verhoeven (who apparently has created some amazing flipcharts). I love technology, I can’t wait to start creating and searching flipcharts for my prac unit on ‘HEAT’.


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